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This project provides Memcached Session State and Cache Providers for

Session Provider database backup for MySql is now available in Source Code -> Branches -> Suggested Modifications. Please help with testing . Oracle database backup coming soon.

Special Thanks to Jon Rea (MySql implementation & bug fixes) and Yang Mian (Oracle implementation).

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Current Release Memcached Providers 1.2
- Walkthoughs on how to setup and use Memcached Cache Provider and Session State Provider is added to the Memcached Providers 1.2

This project uses Memcached Client

Memcached (ver 1.4.4) for Win32 is at Memcached Win32 1.4.4

Memcached (ver 1.2.6) for Win32 is at Memcached Win32 1.2.6

Memcached (ver 1.2.5) for Win32 is at Memcached Win32 1.2.5

Memcached (ver 1.2.4) for Win32 is at Memcached Win32 1.2.4

Repcached (replicated memcached) Repcached

Memcached (ver 1.2.1) for Win32 is at Memcached Win32 1.2.1
Memcached home page

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