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Is Item Count in MemCacheD Manager wrong?

May 27, 2009 at 11:23 PM


I was happy coding and testing my application with the incredible MemCacheD. :D


Then I was to MemCacheD Manager (v1.0.3.0), to see how my instance was going... And the shock: I see that my instance has 4 items cached.

The problem is that I only have DistCache.Add() in 3 different places in my code.


I had also breakpointed and debug a lot to ensure that these adds aren't being called twice.

And now!?


Maybe MemCacheD Manager is showing this count wrong. Or maybe really there are 4 items in my cache and I'm doing something idiot... I don't know.


Does anyone had problems with the Item Count in MemCacheD Manager?

And is there some way to see what is inside all the items?


Thanks in advance!