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Can cache string, can not add object?

Oct 22, 2009 at 11:50 AM

I have setup memcached server on my win2003 and configurate testing project.

I have tested like the following.

DistCache.Add("test", "this is a test");
string test = (string)DistCache.Get("test");        //works just fine

stats showing curr_items is 1.

And if I test it the next step.

DistCache.Add("members", members);   //members is an asp_Membership[] which I get using Linq
asp_Membership[] memberscache = (asp_Membership[])DistCache.Get("members");

This one will get a null and stats indicating that curr_items = 1 and the get_mises is incremented.

I think the stats is telling me that the add was a failure.

I have two questions,

1. how do I know why it is fail? Log4Net( never use it b4 )?

2. what possibilities are there? e.g. object size too big or etc

Many thanks to your great client tool.