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Output cache is not working with Forms Authentication



Thanks for working on this. I was trying to play around with the page output caching.

When I added:
<add name="MemcachedModule" type="MemcachedProviders.Util.MemcachedModule, MemcachedProviders" />

to the httpModules section in the config, my project starts, but doesn't work right. I can't log in properly (get past the log in page).

How exactly does it work as in,
-how do you tell it to cache a particular page?
-how long will it cache it for?

Thank you


MarcusKing wrote Jun 11, 2009 at 7:20 PM

I don't think output caching would be handled by memcached usually the html is rendered and stored in IIS's cache. I may be completeley off bas or don't know about a feature of this provider but I don't think memcached handles this.

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